William J. Parker

Parker, William J. Received two battle wounds at the "Battle of Allatoona, Georgia," and was then captured at the hellish "Battle of Nashville." He served under the command of General John Bell Hood in the 29th North Carolina Infantry Regiment. 
He is not to be confused with his first cousin, William J. Parker, (Parker, William J.), son of Letitia Parker (Parker, Letitia). However, William J. Parker, of Letitia, served in the 25th North Carolina Infantry Regiment.
- Residing in Jackson County, NC, at time of enlistment
- 18 years of age at time of enlistment
- Enlisted on Aug. 31, 1861, at Jackson County, NC, as Private
Mustering information:
- Enlisted into Company F, 29th Infantry, North Carolina, on Aug 31 1861
- Promoted to Sergt (Full, Vol) on Dec 16 1864 (Estimated day of Promo)
Listed as:
- Wounded on Oct. 5, 1864, at Allatoona, GA
- POW on Dec. 16, 1864, at Nashville, TN
- Wounded on Dec. 16, 1864, at Nashville, TN
- Hospitalized on Dec. 18, 1864, at Nashville, TN
- Transferred on Jan. 27, 1865, at Louisville, KY
- Transferred on Feb 3, 1865, at Camp Chase, OH
- Oath of Allegiance on Jun. 13, 1865, at Camp Chase, OH
Sources for the above information:
- North Carolina Troops 1861-65, A Roster, (1993)
Birth: 9 FEB 1845 in Haywood Co., N.C.
Death: 14 AUG 1915 in Jackson Co., N.C.
Burial: 15 AUG 1915 Lower Coward Cemetery, Jackson Co., N.C.
Event: Pension 22 JUL 1911 Applied for a pension and denied
Event: Pension 1 JUL 1912 Repeated application and was approved
Military Service: 13 JUN 1865 Took the "U.S. Oath of Allegiance"
Military Service: 31 AUG 1861 Enlisted as a , Co F 29th N.C. Infantry Regiment 
Military Service: 5 OCT 1864 Wounded at Allatoona, GA--1st thru the body, 2nd in the head
Military Service: 16 DEC 1864 Promoted to SGT.
Military Service: 16 DEC 1864 Taken as POW
Military Service: 18 DEC 1864 Hospitalized
Census: 1870 Jackson Co., N.C.
Census: 1850 Haywood Co., N.C.
Census: 1860 Jackson Co., N.C.
Census: 1880 Jackson Co., N.C.
Census: 1 JUN 1900 Jackson Co., N.C.
Census: 27 APR 1910 Jackson Co., N.C.
Event: Fact 16 APR 1862 Confederate Conscription Act
PROP: 31 JAN 1910 Bought 88 acres on Moses Creek for $400 from E.S. Parker
Event: Church office BET 17 AND 20 AUG 1893 Attended 64th Annual Baptist Convention
Event: Ethnicity/Relig. Indian (oral history)
Courtesy of Dan Johnson
Birth: 9 FEB 1845 N.C.
Death: 14 AUG 1915 Jackson Co., N.C.
Burial: 15 AUG 1915 Lower Coward cemetery, Jackson Co., N.C.
Gender: Male
Father: Parker, John R.
Mother: Phillips, Nancy

Married: ABT. 1868 in Jackson Co., N.C.


Chastain, Mary Jane 
Birth: 1849 N.C.
Death: 1894 Jackson Co., N.C.
Gender: Female

           Father: Chastain, Edward
           Mother: Brown, Eliza A

Parker, Sarah Alice
Parker, Samantha J.
Parker, Arilla Elizabeth
Parker, Erastus Sylvester
Parker, Andrew T.
Parker, Maude
Birth: AFT. 1880
Gender: Female
Parker, Alfred M.
Parker, Jesse Oscar

Mary Jane Chastain's father, Edward Chastain died as a Prisoner of War in Camp Douglas.
More about Edward Chastain

Name: Edward Chastain
Sex: M
Birth: 1819 in GA.
Death: 29 JUL 1864 in POW camp, (Camp Douglas) Chicago, IL.
Census: 17 SEP 1850 Haywood Co., N.C.
Census: 1860 Jackson Co. N.C.
PROP: 3 APR 1843 Identified as 'heir of Abner Chastain'
Event: Church office BET 19 AND 20 JUL 1845 Appointed as delegate to the Association
Event: Church office 15 JUN 1850 Appointed as delegate to the Association
Event: Church discipline 15 APR 1850 Talked to about 'intoxicating liquors to excess'
Event: Church discipline 18 JAN 1851 Excluded for 'using intoxicating liquors to excess'
Burial: Confederate Mound, Oak Woods Cemetery, Chicago, IL.
Edward Chastain Co. A, 16th Infantry Regiment N.C.Received payment of $10 for service
SOURCE: Jackson County Heritage NC book, vol II, p 8

Camp Douglas, the North's Andersonville

The records show 443 men of the 62nd N.C. Regiment were prisoners at Camp Douglas. At least 4275 Confederate Soldiers died during their internment at Camp Douglas... Some estimates place the death toll over 6,000.  More Confederate Soldiers died at Camp Douglas than at any Union Prisoner of War Camp.

Edward Chastain Memorial
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Camp Douglas Prisoner of War Camp (Memorial)
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1864 Photo of Camp Douglas
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Parkers' Memorial at Camp Douglas
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